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Friday, July 20, 2012

How To Get This Look

 Dashing Diva Colorfx With A Twist

We know Dashing Diva Colorfx can be used as either a full cover color or a French, but did you know that you can also create a "moon" or reverse French with these appliques? 

Here is how...
  1. Prepare cuticle area, shape free edge, and lightly buff nail surface (240 grit sponge buffer) to remove shine. 
  2. Clean nail surface with 90% or higher alcohol.
  3. Size Dashing Diva Colorfx for each nail. Cut the applique in half (making sure the portion you are using covers the entire nail plate). Trim part of the clear French portion away with small scissors so it fits better around cuticle area. 
  4. Apply applique to nail plate (one finger at a time) placing the clear portion at the cuticle area of the nail to create a "moon" or reverse French. 
  5. Smooth applique over nail to adhere using your thumb or a rubber tipped cuticle pusher. Trim and file away overhanging applique to make flush with natural nail. 
  6. Use a dry lint free wipe to smooth the applique and prepare the surface for gel application.
  7. Apply one coat of Dashing Diva Gelife Base Gel and cure (2 min/UV or 30 sec/LED).
  8. Apply one coat of Orly Gelfx in Prism Gloss Silver over entire nail surface and cure. NOTE: For accent nails, use a dotter tool and apply Swarovski crystals in different sizes to outline the "moon" portion. Apply crystals into glitter gel prior to curing. 
  9. Finish with two layers of Dashing Diva Gelife Top Gel. 
  10. Remove tacky inhibition layer with 90% or higher alcohol.
Work your nails!!!

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