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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chrisette Michele's New CD

The hand models!

Chrisette and I after make-up!

So last Sunday I had the opportunity to work with my long time friend Chrisette Michele for her new music video. The song is entitled "Goodbye Game" on her new CD to be released this Tuesday, November 30th. I have know Chrisette from my church since she was a young girl. It is so amazing to see where God is taking her now! She contacted me to let me know that the video would mainly focus around hands and her face. As you can see in the above photo, the models' hands and arms were painted white for contrast and the nails I created were black.
The video is going to be amazing and really show case the nails that I did so I am super excited!!

For the models, Chrisette chose a long, almond shaped black nail. The majority of the nails were painted black and then I dipped them in black glitter acrylic powder twice. This achieved a grainy matte type finish. For the accent nails, I polished the nail black again and then sprinkled crushed glass art glitter on top. (Chrisette said to think "broken mirrors, black and white, Cruella DeVille meets Barbie Princess") These nails went perfectly with the theme! We did have a little trouble with the acrylic powder dipped nails during rehearsal.....the white arm and hand paint was getting on the edges. I had to replace several before the day was over!

Chrisette chose a silver metallic nail. I used Dashing Diva's full cover Metallic nails and then attached clear almond shaped tips to the ends, which I covered in black lace.

Oooooo.......I seriously can't wait to see this video! And don't forget to check out her new CD being released this week! She is an amazing artist and I am sure you will enjoy!!

Until next time......

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