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Monday, July 30, 2012

How To Get This Look

OPI Gelcolor with Dashing Diva Colorfx

Everyone loves the classic French manicure, but the typical looking "French" is not edgy enough for everyone. Dashing Diva Colorfx is the perfect way to put a twist on this classic look.

Here is how...
  1. Apply Base Gel and cure (I prefer Gelish foundation).
  2. Remove the tacky layer of the Base Gel. 
  3. Apply two coats of OPI Gelcolor in "Bubble Bath." Cure. 
  4. Apply Top Gel to seal. Cure.  (I prefer Gelish Top It Off).
  5. Cleanse the nail with 99% alcohol to remove the tacky layer. 
  6. Using Dashing Diva Colorfx in "Stark Statement," cut long, narrow, dramatic triangles with small scissors (as seen in the above photo).
  7. Use pointed tweezers to remove the Colorfx applique from the plastic backing, and place them at the base of the nail to form a triangular "moon."
  8. Apply one coat of Dashing Diva Gelife Base Gel and cure. 
  9. Apply one coat of Dashing Diva Gelife Top Gel  and cure. 
  10. Cleanse tacky inhibition layer with 99% alcohol. 

Now you are ready to rock the edgy version of the classic French manicure!

Friday, July 20, 2012

How To Get This Look

 Dashing Diva Colorfx With A Twist

We know Dashing Diva Colorfx can be used as either a full cover color or a French, but did you know that you can also create a "moon" or reverse French with these appliques? 

Here is how...
  1. Prepare cuticle area, shape free edge, and lightly buff nail surface (240 grit sponge buffer) to remove shine. 
  2. Clean nail surface with 90% or higher alcohol.
  3. Size Dashing Diva Colorfx for each nail. Cut the applique in half (making sure the portion you are using covers the entire nail plate). Trim part of the clear French portion away with small scissors so it fits better around cuticle area. 
  4. Apply applique to nail plate (one finger at a time) placing the clear portion at the cuticle area of the nail to create a "moon" or reverse French. 
  5. Smooth applique over nail to adhere using your thumb or a rubber tipped cuticle pusher. Trim and file away overhanging applique to make flush with natural nail. 
  6. Use a dry lint free wipe to smooth the applique and prepare the surface for gel application.
  7. Apply one coat of Dashing Diva Gelife Base Gel and cure (2 min/UV or 30 sec/LED).
  8. Apply one coat of Orly Gelfx in Prism Gloss Silver over entire nail surface and cure. NOTE: For accent nails, use a dotter tool and apply Swarovski crystals in different sizes to outline the "moon" portion. Apply crystals into glitter gel prior to curing. 
  9. Finish with two layers of Dashing Diva Gelife Top Gel. 
  10. Remove tacky inhibition layer with 90% or higher alcohol.
Work your nails!!!

Going Home

I was feeling really guilty for not going to Michigan to see my family for almost three years, so when my little sister sent out the invitation for my nephew's graduation, it gave me the perfect excuse to go home. Besides, this same little sister came to my son's graduation and did so much to help out with the party and I knew I had to do the same. 
Me with my two sisters Julie and Angela
I was so happy to see that seven of my eleven siblings (Yes, I said eleven!) also attended the festivities. It is very rare for all of us to get together in one place at the same time since we all have crazy schedules and live all across the country. I was also happy that out of all the family attendees, two of my most favorite brothers were there. They never fail to make me laugh! Growing up with eight brothers who constantly teased me was not easy! The crazy thing is it has not stopped and they continue to tease me even now being a grown woman! I wonder if anyone else has this problem??!!

Me with my two brothers Steve and Joe
It is always good to see my mom. I swear she never changes and always looks the same year after year. It must be something about having all them kids that kept her young. 

Steve, Mom, and I
I ended up deciding to drive from NY to Michigan with my son figuring he could share the burden of driving. It also wound up being the perfect opportunity for us to "bond." In the Fall, he will be entering his junior year of college. If any of you can relate, sons don't really like to talk to their moms as much at this age. This has been hard for me since we have always been so close. As a result, the 12 hour drive was a blessing in disguise and gave us the perfect opportunity to reconnect. 

Of course, coming back home to NY was bittersweet, but there is a wedding next year that I am going to make sure I get back to Michigan for. Remember, it's always important to make time for family!

Until next time...

Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm In A Book!!!

Hey Guys,

Guess what?! I am going to be in a book. My good friend, Ray Ransom, has written a book about his life. He is the one who inspired me to go to nail school, paid for my tuition, and helped me diligently study along the way. He is a big reason I am where I am today and I credit him for steering me in the direction of nails 25 years ago. Be sure to read his book, and I hope he inspires you like he inspired me.

You can read the preview and order a copy of his book on the link below. 

July Self Magazine and Pink

Hi Everyone,

Wow! I can't believe it is the second week of July already. Summer is just whizzing by which means Fashion Week is right around the corner and so I have to start preparing for that very soon. Speaking of fashion and nails of course, Self Magazine's July Issue show cased Adele's Louboutin manicure. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed on how to create this popular look. See the pic above!

I was surprised to turn a couple pages further and see my quote on slimming manicures. This statement is so true as I have recently been switching many of my young, hip clients to the almond shaped nail and they are loving the way it slenderizes their hands. Be sure to catch onto the trend and read the quote below!

Speaking of trends, appliques are also getting a lot of attention these days. This morning I was called to do a very early (6am) manicure on Grammy award winning singer Pink. As a result, I had to get up and ready at 3am which is my usual time to go to sleep! As she has been steering away from gel manicures recently, I was awarded the perfect opportunity to present Dashing Diva's new Colorfx. One of the great things about Colorfx is that it will be available in 48 shades of neon plus 12 gliteratti by the beginning of August.  

Pink chose "Never too Innocent" a pinky based flesh tone colored that went great with her skin and is versatile and goes with anything, which is what she requested. I also let her know that nude, flesh tone colors were really "in" for the upcoming season. You can watch her on the Today Show by viewing the link below. 

I'm looking forward to Fashion week! I have already received phone calls from designers getting ready to select their runway looks. We are really trying to push Colorfx, so be sure to look for it this Fall on the runway!

Until next time... 

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