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Friday, May 10, 2013

Step by Step with Pattie for Katy Perry's MET GALA nails!

Step 1: Start with a prepped almond shaped nail.
Step 2: Paint nail with a gold polish such as Patricia Nail Lacquer in ‘Diadem’ (You could also use gold metallic gel polish such as ‘Orly Luxe’)
Step 3: Allow polish to dry. Then, burnish CND Additives in ‘Antique Bronze’ (This will subdue and “antique” the brighter gold polish.)
Step 4: Next apply CND Shellac  top coat and cure. Do not cleanse.
Step 5: Using silver rainbow foil, randomly dab the foil pieces on to the nail, in the tacky layer of the cured Shellac Top Coat. Next use gold foil and again randomly dab in between the silver rainbow foil.
Step 6: Seal with another coat of CND Shellac top coat and cure. Do not cleanse.
Step 7: Apply a third coat of CND Shellac top coat and cure working on one nail at a time. Place a deep red Swarovski crystals in the center of the nail (For Katy Perry’s nails, I used antique set synthetic rubies from my client who is a jeweler).
Step 8: Next use large square, gold metal studs and place them around the center stone turning to look like a diamond shape. Place the four studs around the center stone to create the look of an antique “cross”. Cure nails. (I worked on one nail at a time so the studs wouldn’t slide around.)
Step 9: If desired seal embellishments with a final coat of CND Shellac top coat and cure. Cleanse to remove tacky layer. (For Katy Perry, I did not apply a top coat over her embellishments as I wanted to leave as much texture as possible). 

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