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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chrisette Michele's New CD

The hand models!

Chrisette and I after make-up!

So last Sunday I had the opportunity to work with my long time friend Chrisette Michele for her new music video. The song is entitled "Goodbye Game" on her new CD to be released this Tuesday, November 30th. I have know Chrisette from my church since she was a young girl. It is so amazing to see where God is taking her now! She contacted me to let me know that the video would mainly focus around hands and her face. As you can see in the above photo, the models' hands and arms were painted white for contrast and the nails I created were black.
The video is going to be amazing and really show case the nails that I did so I am super excited!!

For the models, Chrisette chose a long, almond shaped black nail. The majority of the nails were painted black and then I dipped them in black glitter acrylic powder twice. This achieved a grainy matte type finish. For the accent nails, I polished the nail black again and then sprinkled crushed glass art glitter on top. (Chrisette said to think "broken mirrors, black and white, Cruella DeVille meets Barbie Princess") These nails went perfectly with the theme! We did have a little trouble with the acrylic powder dipped nails during rehearsal.....the white arm and hand paint was getting on the edges. I had to replace several before the day was over!

Chrisette chose a silver metallic nail. I used Dashing Diva's full cover Metallic nails and then attached clear almond shaped tips to the ends, which I covered in black lace.

Oooooo.......I seriously can't wait to see this video! And don't forget to check out her new CD being released this week! She is an amazing artist and I am sure you will enjoy!!

Until next time......

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Katy Perry's Silver Sparkle Nails!

So excited that I was able to do these nails for Katy when she was in New York November 10th for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. She kept them on for her perfume launch and that makes me sooo happy!!! For these nails I used Dashing Diva Gelife Soak off Gel in "Astor Place at Dawn". Katy wanted more depth in the color so I used 3 thin coats. I then applied a thin coat of Gelish "Water Fields" over the top and then sealed with Dashing Diva Top Gel.
As usual, Katy is so much fun when it comes to nails! Gotta love her and what she is doing for the nail industry!! xxoo

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Katy Perry!

Hi there! This will be a short post since I am a little crazy today!

Did Katy Perry's nails with real candy sprinkles on Monday for her concert in New York at the Roseland Ballroom. I really wanted to leave them "bumpy" and more textured, but she needed them smooth as she was playing the guitar for the performance and didn't want the sprinkles to be popping off! Was so much fun dipping her fingers into the sprinkles to coat the nails! I applied a coat of Calgel first and then dipped the nail into the sprinkles, then cured the gel for 2 minutes.
After I applied a coat of Dashing Diva Soak Off Top Gel to hold the sprinkles in place. I would have left them like this originally, but Katy wanted me to add more coats of Calgel to encase the sprinkles completely.

Yesterday I met Katy in the city again where she performed at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.
More on the nail styles I did for her yesterday in my next post!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crazy Day Tomorrow!

Friday I took a trip to Kansas City with a co-worker to visit the Beauty Brands Corporate office. They have some very unique stores in the midwest where they have a large retail area in the front, similar to an Ulta or Sephora store. In the rear of their stores, they house full service salons. Very interesting and they have beautiful locations. We went to introduce the Dashing Diva French Wrap Manicure System and our Metallic Nails to the Beauty Brands Group. They loved both products and will be adding them to their services and retail store!

Getting prepared for tomorrow and a busy day! Early morning I will be going to Martha Stewart studios to service my client Lucinda Scala Quinn, host of the Mad Hungry cooking show. This episode taping is for their holiday show and her mother and sons will be on the show as well, so I have extra manicures to do tomorrow morning! Please check out her show and blog and comment on her red nails! Lucinda is really an advocate for nail technicians and showing our work and skills. If you watch her show you will notice she always wears shades of red on her nails and is one of the only cooking show hosts with color on their nails. Check out her blog at Also watch her show on the Hallmark Channel and let's all get together and support her boldness to wear red polish on the air! She has been getting some negative comments, but at least Martha Stewart told her she liked the red!

After Lucinda, I rush over to do Katy Perry's nails for her performance tomorrow night. She has requested "Candyland" nails, so I will be sure to keep you posted as to what I ended up doing for her. I have a few ideas, but she holds the final decision, of course! Check out the November 15th issue of People Magazine. Katy gave a shout out to our Dashing Diva Metallic nails!

That's all for today! Must get my kit packed for the day tomorrow!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

VietSalon Nail Magazine Cover

So excited today that I received the issue of VietSalon Magazine where my nails were on the cover! I did this shoot at the same time I did the shoot for the Nails Magazine cover that appeared in the October 2010 issue. (See my web site for details!) For this cover I used the Dashing Diva Metallic Toenails and accented them with crystals and gold pieces. For the skin portion, I attached them with So Easy Body Glue. This will last about a day so it is a look that you would do for a special occasion only.

Yesterday was spent in my salon on my personal clients. Recently I purchased the OPI Burlesque polish series and I have to say I am loving the glitter colors! They are a little difficult to polish with because of all the glitter, but the finished results are beautiful. Above is a photo of nails I did the other day using one of the Glitter Burlesque colors and then added 3-dimensional leaves for fall.

While working in my shop yesterday, I received an e-mail from Katy Perry's people to do her nails on this Monday. So excited to see her and get details about her wedding! Katy is always a pleasure to work on and she never ceases to challenge my nail skills! I usually have to take every possible nail option with me because you never know what she may want! One thing that is certain however, it will be something interesting. Katy always gives her input and has great ideas for her nails. By the way, keep an eye out for her new polish colors coming in January. She has a series of colors coming out with OPI along with a really fun "crackle" top coat.

Well, off to Kansas City early tomorrow morning for a sales meeting where we will introduce French Wrap Manicure to a potential distributor. Off to sleep. Bye for now!

Tip of the Day: Even though the weather is getting chilly, don't neglect your feet and your pedicures. You can skip the polish if you prefer in the colder months, just don't neglect the feet altogether. Keep them up during the winter and your boots and shoes will feel nicer on your feet. It also maintains them so when spring time rolls around, you don't have as much work to do to get them in to shape quickly.

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