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Thursday, June 28, 2012


My busy weekend started in Chicago where I flew in for a few short hours to conduct a training session for our new Dashing Diva educators. I was literally in and out within an 8 hour time period! Saturday night I left Chicago and flew to L.A to get ready to judge the Nailympics. There I met up with my friend from Singapore that I met last year and some additional new international judges including the infamous, Iryna Giblett. It is always such an honor and privileged to be in the company of these industry greats and learn new things on how nails are done in other countries. Above is a picture of how it looks "behind the curtain" from a judge's point of view. 

This year, I judged approximately eight different categories and saw some amazing work! Iv'e included some of my favorites. Look at the amazing detail that these nail artists were able to create.  

After the Nailympics, I went to stay with my friend Katie Cazorla, from the hit reality show Nail Files. My last task of my busy weekend was completing the cover for the August issue of Nailpro magazine. Katie lives about 15 min. away from Nailpro's offices, so I always appreciate when she let's me stay with her when I have to do a cover. I can't wait to show you the work I did for the cover, but not yet... You will have to wait until the magazine comes out, but it was an amazing experience and I got to use a brand new Dashing Diva product that will be available in January 2013.


While I was there, the editor ,Stephanie Yaggy, asked if I could do some manicures on some of the guys as the August issue will also include an article on men who wear nail polish. Here is a picture above of me doing a guy's nails. 

I finished up my trip on the last night with dinner at a sushi restaurant with good friends Katie and Rachael from Singapore. The weekend was really fun filled with tons of activity and business, but I am glad it is over and happy to be back in New York and see what new adventures await me!

Until next time...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Colorfx Launch Editor Event

Kari Frost and I at the Editor Event in NYC
Hi Everyone,

This past Tuesday, Dashing Diva did a soft launch of their new Colorfx! We invited several of the top beauty editors to the Dashing Diva Columbus Street location in NYC. It was a huge success and everyone had a great time sipping their wine and tasting the hors d'oeuvres. They also had the opportunity to experience a Colorfx service complete with our Gelife overlay. It was interesting seeing which color they would choose out of the sixty options that will be available at the beginning of August. Our official launch will be at the Cosmoprof Show in Vegas at the end of July. 

I was so happy to see Nailpro Editor, Kari Frost, at this event. She chose a shade from our Glitter collection- a great look for New York City! It looked amazing and she loved it. Check out the pic below!
New Colorfx- Shade from Glitter Collection

Right before the Editor Event, my friend from Singapore, Rachael, flew into JFK. I did not put into consideration the fact that she is not a U.S citizen and it took her three hours to get through Customs! I had to pick her up, drive an hour back home, and then drive over an hour back into the city! Of course, I was stressed and rushing to make the Editor Event on time (I was a real dashing Diva that day!) LOL.

While Rachael was here I took her to get her hair colored with my long- long- long time friend and hair dresser Cookie. She did a great job making us both feel pretty. I'll be meeting with Rachael again in L.A in a couple days as she is one of the judges for the Nailympics. She also has her own blog, so check it out on the link below.

Cookie and Rachael 
One of the highlights of my week was the posting of another one of the videos I shot for the Wall Street Journal with Elizabeth Holmes. This one involves using Dashing Diva's Design and Colorfx.
Check it out on the link below.!0D69DC7D-CF4A-484E-BFD1-92095BB3A88C

Well, tomorrow I am off to Chicago for a few hours for Dashing Diva's National Training. I will be going over application procedures before I fly out later that night to L.A to judge the Nailmpics. I will also be doing a Nailpro cover while I am out there. Yayyyy! I am going to be using Dashing Diva's next big thing, so be sure to stay in the loop!

Until next time...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

Audra McDonald at the Tony Awards 2012

Up Close look of Audra's Tony Award Winning Manicure
Hi Guys,

This week is rather uneventful in comparison to the past few weeks and what is to come in the next upcoming month. I'm so excited that my new client Audra McDonald won a Tony award last weekend. She looked gorgeous and I felt so blessed to be apart of her day with a classic manicure look. Due to her two performances in between my doing her nails and her being at the Tony's, she had to wear a nude, natural look. Check out the pics above! 

Birthday Flowers from Rachael Ray

I also celebrated my birthday on June 6th. Friends from church took me out to dinner and Rachael Ray sent me out from her pedicure appointment with beautiful flowers and four bottles of wine. She also sent me out with specific instructions! As two of the bottles were over $500 (OMG?!!) she told me I had to make sure that I enjoyed them with someone I really liked. Basically, I was not allowed to waste them. The best part of it was me asking a random guy in the street to help me carry out all my pedicure stuff and gifts! It was too much for me to handle and I'm sure I liked quite comical... hoped no one took a picture of me!


This past week, I was also happy to work with my favorite hand model Christina Ambers for a Head and Shoulders print ad. can't wait to see that come out. In addition, my make up artist client (Victoria Elizabeth Make Up) has been challenging me to create nails for her to post on Instagram. Here is one of the looks I came up with! There are more to come so make sure you stay tuned as I just created my own account. You can find me @pattieyankee :)

Next week, is Dashing Diva's National Training in Chicago. Then, I am off to Los Angeles to judge the Nailympics, and then to top it off, I'm doing a cover for Nailpro. I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun stories to tell, so stay tuned!

Until next time... 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Premiere Orlando and Dior Event

Hi Everyone,

June has already started out to be a crazy, busy month! By June 2nd, I was headed out to Orlando, Florida to attend the Premiere Show. As usual, I had the task of seeking out models for my Fashion Runway class. This time my search was a little unique... While educating in South Africa, I attended a trade show for a distributor there. Apparently, I met someone while working the show who had a sister living in Orlando, Florida. After tweeting for models, someone contacted me saying I had met their sister earlier this year in South Africa. My model, Mandy, told me her sister had gotten my tweet and forwarded my information for her to be a model. I thought it was so cool that my model indirectly came from a South African contact. You just never know who you'll meet! Below is a picture of me with the models. 

Dashing Diva had two locations at the show one for each of our major distributors. Again, we introduced our new Colorfx at the show and they were a huge success! Here I am below with the Dashing Diva educators at the BSG Booth. 

The weekend kicked off with the usual networking event hosted by Nails Magazine and Beautytech. I was so excited to be reunited with my good friend, Katie Cazorla, from the hit TV Guide reality show, Nail Files (which by the way, is in the midst of filming for its second season). I can't wait to see how crazy this funny girl will be this next season. Here we are below at the end of the Networking event with Hannah Lee from Nails Magazine. Two nights in a row, Katie and I visited the local Lebanese Hookah bar for dinner and of course... Hookah! Katie always manages to keep me out too late and I never fail to come back from events where she is attending drained and exhausted from trying to keep up with her boundless energy.  

My busy month continued with the opportunity to service new celebrity client Debra Messing, my usual bi-weekly appointment with Rachael Ray, and a mani/ pedi with Tony award winner Audra McDonald. If that weren't enough to fill my first full week of June, I also worked an event through Dashing Diva for Christian Dior where they launched their new Fall 2012 beauty products. I was happy to see my predictions for nude and flesh tone nail colors being carried out in Dior's upcoming Fall polish line. Here I am below with my team who worked this event. This event is always such an awesome experience... elegant, laid back atmosphere, a gorgeous view, great food, awesome people, and to top it off a goody bag of Dior products to die for!

June seems to be filled chock full of events already including a visit from my dear friend from Singapore, Dashing Diva national training, judging the Nailypics, and a cover shoot for Nail Pro magazine. I will be sure to fill you in with all the details of my happenings this month!

Until next time..

Recent Video Posts

Hi Everyone!

Check out these recent video posts of my work. Let me know what you think...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Recent Happenings!!!

Hi Everyone,

I've been so busy and a lot of exciting things are happening. Firstly, I added a new client to my celebrity roster. I was recently blessed to perform nail services on Audra McDonald. She has appeared on Private Practice and is now the star of Broadway's Porgy and Bess! My make-up artist friend, Jill Oshrey, referred me and I was so glad to see her while servicing Audra. Thank you Jill because she is the one who also connected me to Joan Rivers :) Audra was so nice and I did her services at the theater. As I left and walked across the stage, I paused for a moment, sang "Summertime" in my head, and pretended I was Bess!! lol

In addition to servicing my celeb clients, I have continued to expand on playing with Dashing Diva's new Colorfx. Above is a recent photo of some nails I serviced for a client. Aren't they groovy?!!

In addition to all the business of my schedule, Nail Pro magazine contacted me to create some artwork for their upcoming issues. Here are the pictures of the work I did in advance!! In the first photo I did color blocking using upcoming 2012 fashion colors. As you can see, neons are in particularly in navy and royal shades. The bottom photo features nails I created for a "special" occasion themed article. I had a lot of fun doing these and created a look for birthday (Balloon nails), Christmas (Red and gold "package"), and New Years (Tuxedo and formal dress). See them in an upcoming issue!

Stay tuned for my news about my upcoming collaboration with Ricky's NYC. I am doing a lot of exciting projects with them one being the creation of my own personal product line. This has always been a dream of mine and to now have someone supporting me and backing me on my vision is truly a dream come true.

I'm heading to Orlando for the Premiere Show so to anyone in the area, definitely stop by! I will fill you in on the events happening there after the show :) Also, I just found out my friend Katie Cazorla from the reality show Nail Files, will be at the show taping for her new season and I can't wait to see her again. Its been several months.

Until next time...

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